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Architecture is a form of visualization related to a specific construction object and interior design. The concept of architecture itself means the process of converting a three-dimensional model into a flat image, which then can be viewed on a screen, projector or printed. It is produced in order to be able to see the designed model not only on technology based media through custom made programs, but also spread the images relating to a design freely in order that more people can become acquainted with it through marketable materials such as information booklets and sales brochures.

Product visualization

It is often used to offer options for modification or reconstruction of designs and features.

Producing a rendering does not mean that instead of the three-dimensional image you only get a simple 2-dimensional picture with limited viewable potential. Rendering for a project should be carried out multiple times with each rendering being of a new scene (the point from which you look at the design) so that specific project elements may be viewed and selected as needed and that elements can be altered or advertized.

Why Bother With Rendering my Project?

People like visual images and vivid pictures that show in detail the appearance of the future project and the better the realization of the rendering the better the result. This means that architecture visualization holds particular importance for construction companies that implement their own projects in the real estate market, developing whole complexes from the ground up. It provides an opportunity to get amazingly realistic three-dimensional images of objects, buildings and design features, as well as a virtual tour inside of the planned construction that is non-existent in reality yet.

To achieve this, our designers use not only the latest modern programs, but most importantly their experience as visualizers, their sense of space and the ability to transfer form from blank canvas to stunning creation.

3d visuals are important and in many ways the defining component in any presentation of a given project as well as during dialogue with investors, because the use of photorealistic images is much more attractive and presentable than a demonstration of the project done through traditional two-dimensional drawings or layouts. In comparative terms they are as equal as a stone tablet is to a modern computerized tablet.

Visualization allows you to see all the advantages of architectural solutions, see the property or design as a whole or select individual parts of it and to view and analyse how they will fit into the overall design environment. With it you can easily prepare various options for the placement of lights, decorations, furniture and colors used in the interior of the project.

However, if you need to show a prospective customer what the future project or interior design will look like, you need 3d rendering services to bring the increased sense of realism. This is the best way to create high-quality materials for large-scale advertising campaigns, or separate individual presentations.

Interior Visualization

Interior Visualization

By the way, rendering is a design method that is not only related to construction and real estate. It is also used in the production of advertizing commercials from flyers to billboards, the pre-production phase of films in the form of printed story-boards to more serious work for presentations related to government projects.

How Does Pollio Studio Render Better and Faster than Anyone Else?

As you know, demand creates supply, and there are hundreds of companies around the world who have projects that are in need of rendering services without realizing the advantages of it. Alas, the result for some of these companies is nothing short of disappointing for the customer. In cases such as these where poor supporting materials are supplied to customers companies incur loses of time, money and future clients. In many cases architectural rendering is an integral part of the work on a major project and a failure to realize this can have a significant impact on the result.

3d visualization

3d visualization

In order not to experience frustration and save time in the correction of errors, our studio uses a unique design methodology that focuses the planning stage and minimizes errors. Among our strengths include competent experts who have many years of experience in the field of visualization. Our specially designed approach means that we can work quickly and efficiently through the design phase so that more time can be devoted to the small adjustments that make a good project something amazing.

Architecture rendering in our studio is conducted promptly through the use of a render-farm, i.e. a network of computers, which combine power with each other. This speeds up the process of the work significantly, depending on the size and complexity of the project, and the original image is a high-quality picture with realistic use of light and shadow, as well as a variety of other effects that were used by the designer when dealing with the model.