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Pollio has a goal – to provide homeowners and professional builders with high-quality construction materials at the lowest price possible. Our internet store has a wide selection of products and a variety of construction services designed to address a customer’s building needs, including services for roofing, wood materials, conrete products and wall panels as well as insulation. The company  comprising…

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Pollio began providing full-service to families and individuals in 2010. We have been proudly serving the Iceland amd Norway. As a locally owned and operated residential contracting company in Reykjavík, Pollio is committed to providing rapid response, responsible service, quality standards, and cost effective results. Specializing in residential services, Pollio is dedicated to providing an open line of communication with…

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Trust in every moment. To ensure the best outcome for your project, you need persons who know what they are doing — every step of the business. Our experienced construction advisers provide real leadership, attention to details and a valued partnership you can count on throughout the all life of your projects. Pollio provides comprehensive construction management consulting services to all…

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Many times, your home is your biggest investment – a place for your family to live. In today’s economic times, it’s more economical (and much less stressful) to remodel or add on to your home instead of hoping that your home will sell. We provide residential clients with a wide array of residential construction services. Our vast experience qualifies us…

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From Conception to Actualization It is an undeniable truth that in the world or architecture and construction the better a project is visualized the easier it is to see the dream come to life. It is often underestimated as to how applicable this is to projects as they grow and evolve. A prime example of this comes in the forms…

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Architecture the Future Architecture is a form of visualization related to a specific construction object and interior design. The concept of architecture itself means the process of converting a three-dimensional model into a flat image, which then can be viewed on a screen, projector or printed. It is produced in order to be able to see the designed model not…